The Fusion 12 Week Nutrition Life Changer Program

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Finesse Nutrition Director Dayni Baker and Fusion Health Club Head Trainer Dally Nijjar have teamed up to create the ultimate 12 week transformation package for the Riverland public. 
You'll have a team of two making sure you get results like you see at the bottom (yep, we did that in 3.5 weeks). Fusion Health Club will have your fitness regime sorted, whether its at the gym, at our group training sessions or at home, you'll see results and be educated. While Dayni at Finesse does your nutrition. 
Based in Adelaide, Dayni has a combined 15 years experience in health and fitness. Her qualifications and experience in the industry is exceptional. Fusion Health Club has partnered up with Dayni because results matter. Dayni has proven over the years what she can do. Each plan is tailored for each individual, so if you're looking for a template, well let us give you the bad news, your bound to fail. Templates don't work, you nutrition needs to be tailored for YOU! and for you ONLY! Dayni takes into consideration of what you like to eat, what you can't eat and many other factors such as gut health and hormones.