Fusion Health Club is the Home of CrossFit Renmark!


CrossFit Renmark is a functional fitness group training facility based in the capital of the Riverland, Renmark. We're proud to be the only hybrid facility that offers functional fitness classes with open gym 24 hours in conjuction with Fusion Health Club.

CrossFit Renmark is more than a normal fitness centre, it’s a community of people who are there for the same reason as you are, and that’s to achieve their ultimate fitness goal. Our program is designed for the unfit to the extremely fit.

Whether, your young, old, male or female, the workouts are scale-able to all fitness levels.

Why do CrossFit?

At CrossFit Renmark we’ll help you achieve your health and fitness goals by using ‘constantly varied functional movements at high intensity.’ You’re probably thinking “What does that mean?!"

In simple terms, each day the workout will be different (constantly varied), you’ll be doing movements that us humans we’re born to do – like sitting, rowing, lifting, throwing, moving and more (functional movements) and we’ll test how quickly you finish your workload by measuring results either in time or power (high intensity). At CrossFit you’ll never get bored, it changes every day. (Courtesy of CrossFit Inc) 

What makes us different? 

At CrossFit Renmark we pride ourselves in providing the best functional movement training, programming and ensuring we have a safe workout environment. Our coaching staff do not stop learning and improving each day. You’ll find that they’re driven to help every individual that walks into the BOX (it’s what we call our gym/fitness studio). We want you to reach your goal, you’ll have a coach ready to chat to you every time you walk in.

At CrossFit Renmark we endeavour to pass on our knowledge and the right equipment to help you succeed!All it’s going to take, is for you to come in with a little determination, we’ll provide the motivation, and we guarantee you’ll see results and some sort of satisfaction!

Contact Us via email at and get involved by our FREE introductory class to see what we’re all about!