Head Coach - Dally's Daily Dilemma

Consistency and being physically active.

Since I've become a strength and conditioning coach, the key message I try to promote is consistency.

Now that, I've branched out to a twenty four seven facility, it's amazing to see how many actually use the facility 3 to 5 times a week.

At Fusion Health Club the aim is to promote a fitness culture.

I've had many clients in the past experiment with different training regimes whether it's with me at CrossFit Renmark, home workouts, pt's, online programs but have failed to reach their full potential.

The question is why?

Well, it's because they get complacent, bored and not enjoying being physical. Most of the times, it's because they are guessing on what to do.

Now, I get many people asking me if CrossFit is the best fitness regime to do. Well, it's a matter of perspective. I personally love the CrossFit regime on how it improves life and longevity. However, if you're looking for a particular goal, there are many other methods of training you may want to incorporate. The important thing is, if you don't know anything about fitness, seek help, yes it may financially cost you a little more, but the return of investment is much higher than the Netflix or Spotify subscription you pay monthly.

But going back to attendance rates of the gym, if you're reading my first blog im going to give you a couple of tips...

1. Stop looking for quick fixes, fitness is a lifestyle change, it's okay to start fitness challenges but that should be a motivator or kick starter, don't stop after the 6,8, or 12 weeks that most gyms or pt's put out there.

2. Become physically active and do a fitness regime you enjoy.

3. Fix up you're nutrition, it's actually not complicated as you think, being healthy is about caloric input and output.

It's simply find something you enjoy, stick to it and watch what you eat and drink. That's my daily dilemma, it's frustrating to see so many people experiment way too much!