Dally's Daily Dilemma in March!


It's just me...Dally!

Here's my latest daily dilemma...

The dilemma is creating good mindset and motivation for my current clients.

I see huge number comparing themselves to others, it's like they're are comparing apples with oranges. 

I had this conversation with a few members this morning about progress and I wanted to share this with you...

A lot of people will compare themselves with others. For an example, my 12 week nutrition clients, compare results to another that may be doing the same program.

However, it's not the same! You have one client who's body weight maybe lighter or heavier to begin with, maybe taller or shorter, trains 10x a week compared to someone who can manage maybe 3x. 


Compare yourself to the person YOU we're yesterday, a week before, a month before and even a year before. If there's progress! You're WINNING!