The Riverland First 24-7 Hybrid Gym. 

We have blended functional fitness methods with traditional training methods. 

The word Fusion is defined "as the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity," hence the name Fusion Health Club. 

Fusion Health Club is not a regular 24 hour gym. We have the best commercial strength and cardio equipment in the area. Plus, a functional fitness zone that runs CrossFit and HIIT classes. Our centre provides all fitness lovers (and non lovers) a platform to succeed in their health orientated goals. We want the people of the Riverland to be able to approach us and gain knowledge on improving their overall health.
Whether you're looking to improve in your sport, general health, weight loss, increase strength, improve flexibility, rehab, or nutrition,
we'll strive to get you what you need. 

Our mission is to be the most influential fitness centre in the Riverland. Offering services from personal training, fitness coaching, mindset, nutrition and group training. 

It's a place that'll make you feel welcomed whether you're a new or an experienced fitness athlete.

Make fusion your home, let us help you get results. 

Contact us and let's begin your fitness journey.

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Fusion Health Supps

We stock and supply sports supplementation from the most trusted brands and if we don't have it, we'll get it in for you!


We'll also take out the guess work on taking supplementation, it's important to us to provide you quality advice. Whether you need help with macro to micro nutrients, recovery, sleep or performance. Let us help you get the max out of your performance and daily life. 


The key to supplementation is that it shouldn't be treated as a replacement of nutrients, it's to supplement any shortages from your daily diet.

Fusion Health Club


9am - 5pm

Monday to Friday

53 Ral Ral Avenue,

Renmark 5341




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